Where to Kayak?

Below is a list of the top kayaking areas around the Wilmington area. Masonboro Watersports offers delivers to all of these locations on weekends. For a weekday rental, we can only deliver to your residence the evening prior to your rental. It will be your responsibility to transport the kayak to the location of your choice.

1. Masonboro Island via Trails End Rd.
Masonboro Island is an undeveloped barrier island between Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. It is part of the NC Coastal Reserve. Check HERE for more information. It is approximately 8 miles in length and a great place to kayak. Trails End Rd is around 2.5 miles south of Masonboro Inlet which separates Masonboro Island from Wrightsville Beach, and 5 miles north of Carolina Beach Inlet which separates Masonboro Island from Carolina Beach. Masonboro Island is also a great camping location for primitive camping. Since it is only accessible by boat and has no facilities, be prepared to take everything you need (and pack everything back up on your return).

2. Carolina Beach via the NC WRC boat ramp at Snow’s Cut.
Carolina Beach is similar to Masonboro Island, but with more boat traffic and murkier water due to the Cape Fear River flowing through Snow’s Cut during falling tides.

3. Cape Fear River via River Road Park
The Cape Fear River is often overlooked by kayakers, but is a great place for kayaking as well. River Road Park is a kayak-only boat ramp that provides access to Shark Tooth Island. Shark Tooth Island is a spoils island littered with sharks teeth, so take your treasure hunters here for some fun!

4. Fort Fisher
Known locally as one of the better fishing spots, Fort Fisher is a small boat ramp at the southern end of Pleasure Island.

5. Cape Fear River at Downtown Wilmington
Further up the river, at Castle Street just below the Cape Fear Memorial Drawbridge is another boat and kayak launch. If you want to kayak along the downtown riverfront, or make you way over to the battleship, this is a convenient launch area.

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